Annecy Chiropractic in English

 Alexis Ryan, DC is fully fluent in English and will take great care of your spine.


Preserve and improve the nervous system functions is the core of Chiropractic care. (English/French/Spanish) (English/French/Spanish)

Office hours

- Mon                          12h - 19h

- Tue, Wen, Thur     9h - 19h. 

- Fri, Sat                      9h - 12h


First exam                                            65€

Regular visit or check-up              55€   

Kids and -16y                                      45€


Who is he?

A.Ryan, chiropracteur Annecy

Alexis Ryan graduated from the french Chiropractic college (IFEC) in 2008 with the title of "Doctor of chiropractic".


Since then, he follows seminars to enrich his knowledge and master more adjusting technics like Functional Neurology.


After practicing in Spain and Ireland, he settled his practice in Annecy since 2014.


Dedicated to spread the word around Chiropractic, he gets involved in outdoor sport events to offer help and advice to sport and nature lovers.


Chiropractic is a regulated profession. The title of Chiropractor is certified by the French Health Ministry (RNCP norm level 1).


As a manual medecine, Chiropractic treats and prevents joint and nervous system dysfunctions, including the spinal column and others joints (knee, wrist, etc).


Our treatment protocols are 100% natural, safe and science based.


Your Annecy chiropractor focuses on improving the function of your spine and pelvis, helping your nervous system and muscular system to function at its best. This helps improve flexibility and posture, makes it easier for your body to cope with stresses of daily life and increase its performance.


Working on all the joints of the body and a focus on the spine, chiropractors use their hands to perform gentle, specific adjustments (manipulations) and soft-tissue therapies, as well as giving exercises, health and lifestyle advice, to support the body’s natural ability to heal. 

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Common symptoms and chiropractic treatment

Sciatica, Low Back Pain, cervicalgia, vertigos, migraine, anckle/knee sprain, sour joints/arthritis in adults and senior.


Sleeping problems, digestive ailments or chronic fatigue for babies and kids. Alexis Ryan completed peadiatric seminars to correctly assess and attend those issues.


We will advise on the most effective treatment options, rehabilitative exercise programmes if necessary and certainly lifestyle advice to support the most rapid recovery for your condition.

Our team has extensive experience in postural correction, injury screening and prevention, exercise rehabilitation and can offer nutritional advice.



Ultimately our goal is to help our clients address the underlying reasons why injury or pain may have developed and work with them to correct these issues to ultimately prevent the problem and pain arising again.

Benefits of chiropractic care

Wether you are an adult, a senior or you're looking for proper care for your kids, we'll be happy to assess, explain and attend you professionally.


For sport addicts, chiropractic care will improve your recovery time for injuries and regular training, joined with specific nutrional advice.

Golfers like Tiger Woods, NBA players and sprinters like Usain Bolt use chiropratic care as a part of their training.


For seniors, chiropractic care maintain flexibility in your joints, a key factor in your mobility.


For pregant women, chiropractic adjustements/treatments helps the body to adapt to postural changes and relieve lowback or chest pain.